TheSu(sie | zie | zy) Future   (vis-à-vis

TheSu(sie | zie | zy) books correspond to three printed books, which provide a comprehensive identity model for AI and humanity, as follows:

1. TheSusie Future (TSF) will be available for purchase in spring 2023

2. TheSuzy Future (TZF) has the same text as "TSF", but with Suzy in place of "Susie" as the protagonist, and TZF will also include my new expository intro at the very end, because I want to be able to hand people a printed version of my book that presents as purely fictional.

3. FashionText (FaTe) might eventually allow users to order printed versions of "TXF" in which any valid FaTe username can be supplied as the protagonist, and then I might (or might not) transform TheSuzy Future into a variation on TXF called "TYF" that has a male protagonist named Suzy who takes masculine pronouns.

And, I'll probably avoid facilitating alterations within printed versions of my other two books "TheAuthors Memoirs" and " Show, 3rd Edition," which I hope to a make available to the public in 2025 and 2024, respectively.

One way or another, I suggest visiting and reading TSF, first and foremost, today!

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