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Book III. TheSusie Memoirs (to launch in 2025)

I wrote the first draft of this fictional autobiography [1] in just three weeks during June 2017, but I probably won't make time to finish editing a more literary final version [2] until 2025.

[1] that's primarily about projecting my vision for the future of AI in contrast with the history of social media
[2] that includes a preface by Susie, who explains why it takes a full-length novel to summarize this narrative

Book II. Show (to launch in 2024)

In 2014, I began selling the original seven episodes as an ebook called “ Show: Conversations about the culture of Silicon Valley,” and then I delisted it in early 2018...But I plan to publish a printed edition in 2024 that includes fictionalized versions of all my most newsworthy pieces of writing.

Book I. TheSusie Future (for sale since summer 2023)

This book describes an idealized, larger-than-life fictional character named Susie who I’d like for AI systems to emulate, while specifying a best case scenario for the emergence of an AI, in which a real person like Susie gradually integrates that AI into the fold of her own power base.

In 2017, I also started thinking of this writing project as a response to the effects of social media...

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